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Reproducibility II: Containers

Learning Objectives

After this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Explain what containers are used for in reproducible research contexts
  • Search for and run a Docker container locally or on a remote system
  • Understand how version control and data can be used inside a container

Container Camp: an introdution to Docker containers

Introduction to Docker

Alt: The Carpentries Introductory Container workshop

The Carpentries have an incubator workshop on Docker Containers

Containers in Research Workflows

Self Assessment

A Docker container with the tagname latest ensures old code and data will work on a new computer setup?


Never use the latest tag for a publication or archival.

The latest version is always being updated and should be considered "cutting edge".

latest is the default tag name of all Docker images

latest versions MAY have backward compatibility with older code and data, but this is not always a given

When are containers the right solution?


Containers are valuable when you need to run an analyses on a remote platform, and you need it to work every time.


You need to do some simple text file editing

You need to run a web service

Last update: 2023-03-06