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!CyVerse Learning Center

Welcome to Foundational Open Science Skills (FOSS) Spring 2024!


Workshop Structure

Synchronously, we will meet each week virtually for two hours to discuss and have hands-on activities with our instructors.

Each week we will discuss a new topic, ranging from data management to documentation to software management (see schedule).

Asynchronously, you will read through the online materials (this website and linked websites) and develop your own project-based idea for strenghtening your Open Science skills.

Much of the content interconnects from week to week and many of the skills and approaches we discuss relate to each other.

Our ultimate goal in this workshop is for you to "level up" one or more of those philosophies/approaches/skills.

Capstone Project

Throughout the duration of the course, students will be working on a project of their choosing that uses the tools and concepts presented in FOSS. The idea is that doing something tangible related to your own science or work will help you 'level up' your open science skills. This could be solo work or a group project depending on your interests. The culmination of the project will be a short presentation to the class on the last day of the course. You can read more about it at the capstone project page.

Expected Outcomes

  • Proficiently organize your lab, external and internal communications, and teach and conduct research with open source software
  • Ability to scale out computations from laptop to the cloud and High Performance Computing/High Throughput Computing systems
  • Skillfully manage your research data through the data lifecycle
  • Join a larger community of Open Science practitioners
  • Be an Advocate for Open Science in your professional circles and communities

By working through an example project relevant to your interests, you will practice open science skills using CyVerse, GitHub, R or Python, and other resources. At the end of the course, you and your team will present a plan for how to integrate open science into your research, lab, or other areas of your choosing.

Funding and Citations:

CyVerse is funded by the Arizona Board of Regents and the US National Science Foundation NSF under Award Numbers:

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