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GitHub Pages - quick start

This is a quick introduction to GitHub Pages, a simple way to use GitHub to set up a small website written in Markdown. This page won't do everything, but you can throw up a basic website, use themes, and extend it.

  1. Go to Login, or if you don't have an account get one and login.
  2. Go to the "+" icon on the upper right and select New repository.
  3. Enter a name for your repository (e.g. "profile"). Enter a description, and leave the repository as public. Select "Initialize this repository with a README". If desired select a license. Finally click Create repository.
  4. Look for the Settings menu (upper right, next to a "gear" icon). Scroll down to GitHub Pages and choose master branch and save your selection. Then Choose a theme and select your theme. You will be asked to Commit changes.
  5. Your website will be visible at (be sure to change GITHUBUSERNAME to your username, and REPONAME to the name you selected for your repo.)
  6. You can edit your website by editing the readme file as desired.


You can preview how your [Markdown]( looks using and editor like [Markdown Plus](